Please feel free to join either our raid force or social membership. We are currently actively recruiting Healers and DPS for Normal/Heroic raiding. Please contact Volantiz for more information.

To apply for a position, please use the application form at If your desired Role is not included on the list above or you like to learn more, please contact Volantiz, Toukichi, Zarabi, or Voxx in-game to enquire further about possible roles within the guild as we are always looking for dedicated skilled players of any class/spec.

What We Offer

  • A friendly atmosphere
  • A Guild that is inclusive
  • The opportunity to take part in our raids
  • Guild members able to answer questions regarding class or spec

What We Don’t Do

  • We do not tolerate any drama in any form
  • We do not tolerate trolling general or trade chat channels, or any forums or social media
  • We do not tolerate any action that brings the Guild into disrepute
  • We do not tolerate elitist attitudes or arrogance

If The Circle sounds like the right guild for you, fill out our application form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Apply Today!