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The Circle is a Alliance PVE guild based on the European server Silvermoon. We are a European based guild and operate on that time zone.

Whilst we intend to raid, we also wish to cater for players outside of raids. This will look like PVP, crafting and participation in instances and world events. Our core aim is that all members whether social or raider will log on and enjoy the experience of being a part of this guild.

The Circle will consist of several member ranks: Leader, Officer, Officer alts, Raider, Member, Member Alt, and Recruits.

To join the guild, new members must apply by speaking to a Officer, or via the form on the website. To become full member, must have signed up and accessed the guild discord channel, and be in good standing. To apply to the raid force as a Raider, you must fill out the pinned form in the #raidchannel on our Discord, there must be a slot available, and your main must meet the minimum requirements.

We expect once you have been made a full member, all of your alts are a part of The Circle, or unguilded. This is to ensure that all our members are a true part of the guild and to ensure that the guild is a active one outside raids.

Inactive players are those who are not logged on after 30 days. After 90 days we will remove those players from guild. Exceptions to the rule will include where the member in question needs to take a extended break from the game and they have spoken to the Guild Leader.

If a member leaves the guild whether its to progress their character or to join their friends elsewhere and so on, we will wish them well. If that member ever wished to rejoin we will warmly welcome them back. If they leave and reapply a second time, then the officers will vote on whether to accept the member back into the guild. If a member leaves for a third time, they will be blocked from ever rejoining with no exceptions. Inactive members will be warmly welcomed back and will not be excluded from the 3 strike rule if they wish to rejoin for that instance. If a member was removed from the guild by the Guild Leader (with the exception of inactivity), then they will not be welcomed back.

When a member leaves the guild, his progress in the guild (rank) will be lost, and when he rejoins he will start from zero as a recruit. When a member leaves the guild we expect them to remove their alts. Regardless of their toon and who they are, we prefer to have members who are either in the guild or are not.

The Circle will have Officers who will be available to organize events and support guild members. These Officers will have been picked by the Guild Leader and will have been given a responsibility to warrant their position. The Guild Leader whilst is available to members to talk to and is responsible for ensuring the guild is on the right track, will hand the responsibility and the ultimate last word about certain aspects of the guild to the Officers. There will be several reasons why it would be better to speak to a Officer than the Guild Leader, as the Guild Leader will have passed control over some of the matters to that Officer. This is to ensure that the Guild Leader and the Officers will have equal amounts of responsibility and to avoid burnout of all of the guild leadership.

We expect our members to uphold the guilds reputation, to play fairly with other players, whether they are guildies, non-guildies, or even the Horde scum. Any disputes whether its in-guild or with other players outside of the guild while we expect our members to be mature, they need to be brought to the officers attention so we are aware of the dispute. The Circle guildies are expected to treat their fellow guidies and their fellow players in the outside world with respect, fairness and without malice.  We expect that guild chat will be free of toilet humour and bad language, and that our guild members act maturely.  This is a no drama guild and whilst we will try to resolve issues, we will ensure that the reason behind each issue will be resolved what ever that may entail.