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As we are progressing through the current end game zone, it is important that each of you as Raiders within The Circle understand the rules and expectations that we require for you to be part of any of our raids.

We don’t wish to suck the fun out of playing and raiding by bombarding you with loads of rules. At the end of the day a lot of this will be common sense, but it makes good practice for us to give an indication of our expectations as a team so that issues arise less and everyone is on the same playing field.


Raiding with The Circle should be inclusive, should be about teamwork, and should be an enjoyable experience for everyone. We want us to be able to go into a raid zone, and enjoy ourselves whilst having a sense of team spirit, and remaining focused to get the job of killing bosses done. Its about having respect for each other, showing up in the right mind-set of “it can be done”, a willingness to do things for the best interests of the team, and everyone putting in the work outside the raids so that they contribute as much in the raids themselves. All of which will help everyone have an enjoyable time.

Above all we want everyone to enjoy raiding within the guild and for us to keep smashing it the way we have been up til now. If you have any questions please either contact Volantiz or any of the Officers in game.



– We will only take raiders who have applied through the application form.

– If you are a current guild member, you can reapply on the application form for a raider position.

– Application for a raid spot does not mean guaranteed inclusion in our raids.

– We will only consider applications for raid spots we advertise on the recruitment page, which will be class and role specific.

– Any applications for classes and roles not advertised for will be held for consideration for when an appropriate spot does open up.

– We will only accept new raiders that have applied for the advertised class/role, have the minimum required item level for the current content, and that have agreed to the rules we have set out on this page.



– Raids are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8pm server time (7pm UK time), up to 11pm server time(10pm UK time).

– We expect you to confirm on the ingame calendar event that you can attend a raid. Raiders who cannot signup on the ingame calendar event will not be invited. The raid event on the ingame calendar will always be in server time.

– All raiders must show up 10 minutes prior to raid start, be in front of the current progression raid entrance, and be ready for a invite.

– Raiders are expected to stay for the full 3 hours, or until the Raid Leader has called raid end.

– We expect attendance to be 87.5% in any 4 week period, this equates to being able to raid 7 raids out of the 8 in those 4 weeks. (*)

– We may schedule a third raid night in any given week in order to help down a particular boss.

– We understand lateness, absences, or afks may happen due to ‘Real Life’ and if you let the Raider Leader or a Officer know and it is a legitimate reason.

– If you are Tentative or Declined for any raids or if you know you won’t be able to sign to a raid for a prolonged period of time it is expected you to let us know the reasons why in the #holidayplanning channel.

– Serial non signers, absentees or no shows for the official scheduled raids will be reviewed regularly and will be dealt with. We expect if you have signed up to become a raider then you agree to the terms set out here. At the end of the day you are letting up to 29 other players down which isn’t fair on anyone who is giving up their spare time to raid.

– Anyone who stops raiding once the last boss of a raid zone has been killed will not be allowed to raid with the main raid team again. We have seen people stop raiding suddenly in WoD after the last boss of the current raid has been killed despite people still needing ring quest updates and gear upgrades. This is not fair on other raiders, and does not represent a good sense of team spirit.



– We expect raiders to have enough best possible food/drink, flasks, potions to see you through the night.

– We expect raiders to be correctly specced and geared with the right gems and enchantments to optimise your character.

– Ensuring you are fully repaired and have sufficient funds to fund repairs.

– Raiders are expected to have read up on upcoming boss fights and watching strategy videos to familiarize yourself with the mechanics.

– If you are not willing to prepare for a raid then it is not fair for the other raiders who put in that preparation. We will ask you to sit out as we do not want to wait 10 minutes for a raider to run to the AH and buy what he or she missing, that makes it less enjoyable for others as they have to wait for you.


Add-ons And Software:

– The Circle uses Discord for all raid communication. Discord details are available ingame on the Guild window Info tab.

– We require raiders to use a mod like Deadly Boss Mods such as Bigwigs.

– We ask raiders to use the Ask Mr Robot Combat Logs feature to use the analytical tools available to improve rotation and to improve performance on particular fights.



– All raids will have a designated Raid Leader who will co-ordinate the raid over Discord.

– Whenever the Raid Leader or Officer is speaking it is expected that the raid should keep comms clear and listen to what is being said.

– You should always respect the Raid Leaders decision and their decisions are final.

– Do not argue with a raid leader’s instructions, if there is a problem or you disagree with the Raid Leader, then take it up with the Raid Leader after the raid, not during the raid.

– During a Boss fight, we expect Discord to be kept clear so that those who are responsible for calling things out can be heard.

– We encourage chat over comms during the raid, however whenever the Raid Leader is speaking it is expected that the raid should keep comms clear and listen.

– You are expected to bring the right attitude to raids and focus on playing at your best to ensure a pleasant environment for everyone involved.

– If you have issues please raise them to the Raid Leader or an Officer in private preferably after the raid.



– It goes without saying that in any social environment within game we expect you to show respect for your fellow players. We expect you to treat everyone how you would expect to be treated.

– You are expected to bring the right attitude to raids and focus on playing at your best to ensure a pleasant environment for everyone involved.

– Breaks will be scheduled at the Raid Leaders discretion, this may be whilst the Raid Leader is checking tactics. As breaks are discretionary, there may be nights where we will not have a break.

– If you need to afk quickly for a bio break, then please do so during trash you are not absolutely required for, not immediately before a boss so that the raid is kept waiting.

– Loot will be set to Personal Loot for all raids. With the ability to trade items won on personal loot in Legion, it is expected that if you cannot use a item you have won, you offer it to other raiders to help gear them up.

– We reserve the right to ask a raider to sit out on a fight or raid if we feel that they are not contributing to that fight or raid.

– We reserve the right to remove Raider status permanently and seek replacements to anyone who consistently lets the team down by not signing, not showing to raids, or failing with regards to attitude.

– Above all we want you to have fun while raiding. If this stops being the case or you can no longer commit to raiding we would prefer you to talk to us so we can take appropriate steps to resolve it.


Your Character:

– Each raider should have a character they consider their ‘Main’. This will be the one assigned to raiding within the team. We will only allow changes to this character once it is has been discussed with the Officers, and will only be approved if it is deemed of benefit to the team overall.

– We expect that you should place the majority of your time and effort into your main character. Constant requests to swap main characters in the raid team to an alt or a change of spec by a player will be rejected.

– All raiders must be willing to learn and accept feedback. The Ask Mr Robot logs can show where individual raiders can improve during a fight, whether its positioning or targeting. Officers may suggest improvements to your character, different talents or a different rotation.

– Your character must meet a minimum gear level requirement to join the raid, and be expected to meet a minimum performance level whilst raiding.

– Under no circumstances should you get your characters loot locked to any current active bosses the guild is currently progressing through by joining other groups. We expect your main character to only be joining The Circle’s scheduled raid nights and not grouping with pugs or other guilds raids on the current progression content. Previous tiers are ok to run with PUGs, and if we are running Heroic, then its ok to run Normal. We want the guild to learn the boss and share the kill of the boss together.


Successful applicants to the core raid team will be placed in the Trial Raiders rank, and will be expected to be able to fully follow the raid rules as a guild raider. We reserve the right to remove raiders from the raid team for any violations of the above raid rules. We will be strictly following these rules.